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The Legal Service

Head of The Legal Service - Alexey E. Danilov.

The Service consists of three departments: Department of legal support, Department of international law, and Department for interaction with territorial administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor.


  • Legal support of the Institution's activities and protection of its legitimate interests.
  • Preparation and approval of draft civil law agreements and government contracts in accordance with the Regulations on the procedure for conducting contractual work.
  • Support of claim-based activities of the Institution, representation of the Institution's interests in judicial bodies, enforcement bodies, as well as in state and public organizations when considering legal issues, conducting current court cases, including in administrative proceedings.
  • Legal expertise of local regulations of the Institution, participation in the preparation and conclusion (together with other structural divisions) of collective agreements, industry agreements, in the development and implementation of measures to strengthen labor discipline, regulation of social and labor relations in the Institution.
  • Advising officials and employees of the Institution on legal issues related to the scope of the Institution's activities.
  • Providing methodological guidance to other structural divisions on legal issues.
  • Legal support of the Institution's activities in the field of international law.
  • Analysis and synthesis of legally relevant information from foreign and international sources, including analysis of the legal framework of the official surveillance system of the audited country-member of international organizations.
  • Providing international legal assistance to structural divisions of the Institution and the Rosselkhoznadzor, providing (upon request) informing employees of the Institution and the Rosselkhoznadzor about the norms of international law.
  • Participation, within its competence, in the preparation of legal opinions on draft international conventions, agreements, national laws and regulations in the part related to the activities of the Institution and the Rosselkhoznadzor.
  • Providing legal support of activity of the Institution for cooperation with the territorial administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor.
  • Ensuring representation of the interests of the Rosselkhoznadzor territorial administrations in judicial bodies, as well as in state and public organizations.
  • Participation in the preparation and conduct of training seminars and conferences with the Rosselkhoznadzor territorial offices on law enforcement practices and organization of control and supervision activities in the field of veterinary medicine and technical regulation.